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LGS Marine's Deck Lamps are designed for harsh environments in both wet and dry locations. Made of Marine Grade Aluminum, they are available in Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount, and a retro-fit kit. They are IP66 rated with a built-in junction box that has four knockouts to accommodate 3/4” conduit. There is no glass jelly-jars, or globe cage to vibrate loose or break. The 15W LED fixture projects a 90-degree beam in a warm 3000K light, emitting up to 1500 lumens.


The retro-fit kit will mount easily to many existing “Jelly-Jar” fixtures that have Glass Globes and Protection Cages. Simply remove the Cage, Globe and Bulb. Then unscrew the portion of the fixture that the A-19 receptor is mounted to and disconnect the wiring. Place the new gasket between the old fixture and the new LGS Luminary, connect the wiring, and screw in the new LGS Luminary to the existing fixture. It’s that simple!

Deck Light - Ceiling Mount

    • Lens can be Clear-Frost, or Tea-Yellow.
    • Viable in saltwater or fresh water.
    • Resilient in hash conditions like vibrations, jolts, shock, and inclement weather.
    • Easy installation. Comes with a gasket to go between the bulkhead and fixture.
    • IP65 Rated.
    • 5-year factory warranty.
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