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Material: Our gage sticks are manufactured from various kiln-dried hardwood. The material used is selected for color, strength and straightness. The size blank used depends on the type gage stick. One piece and sectional gage sticks are 21mm x 21mm. Folding gage sticks are 16mm x 21mm. Drum gage sticks are 16mm x 16mm. These dimensions may vary slightly without prior notice by us.


Printing: We print our gage sticks with chemical resistant ink in inches in 1/8" increments with each inch line numbered and in metric in 5mm increments with each centimeter line numbered.


Accuracy: Our calibrations have a maximum variation of 1/16" per 8' of calibration. Drum stick calibration are based on standard closed head steel drum where a drum on it's end is full at 32" level and drum on it's side is full at 22"level.


Protective Coating: All gage sticks are finished on the printed side(s) with three sprayed coats of clear semi-gloss catalyzed varnish material. The unprinted backside is finished with two coats of the same material. The side(s) adjacent to the printed side(s) are roll coated with a dull black urethane material. Compatible with E10, E85 and B6 to B20 fuels.


Bottom Tip Protection: The bottom tip of each type gage stick we make, with the exception of drum gage sticks, is shipped with an installed 5/8" diameter polypropylene tip protector.

Bagby Guage Stick KK001 = Water Finding / Regular Gas and Diesel

SKU: KK001
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