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Applications with lighter loads and/or little movement may use an inner spherical ball made with CIP Composite material and the outer race as steel. This design may not only offer a maintenance free solution, but a more cost effective alternative. Our engineering department will work with you and provide the best design recommendations for your application.


Manufacturing Capabilities

CIP Composites are made to the customers’ drawings or our experts can provide recommendations and design support. CIP has the ability to machine a spherical race OD up to 16 inches and the spherical ball diameter up to 14 inches on the OD. We offer fast delivery on custom manufactured spherical bearing systems.


Benefits to using CIP Spherical Plain Bearings

  • Self-lubricating
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Capable of high loads
  • Low wear rate
  • Extended operating life
  • Manufactured to specification
  • Stable in fresh or salt water
  • Light weight


Example Applications

  • Riser tensioner cylinder rod ends
  • Rudder /tiller linkage
  • Fin stabilizer linkage
  • Fire truck ladders
  • Dam gates
  • Dump truck body lift
  • Hydraulic cylinder and arm pivots
  • A-frames

Inner Spherical Ball

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